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Field Guide, Wildlife & Hospitality Management School

- K  R  U  G  E  R     N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L     P  A  R  K -

Start your career in conservation under the mentorship of renowned conservationists, ex-Kruger Park rangers and veterans in in the field; or just join the course for a life changing wilderness experience…the choice is yours, but one thing is certain - what you will learn and experience is priceless!!!

Our  Wildlife  Management  Course  is  based  on  the  University  of  Pretoria's  Centre  for  Wildlife Management's Honours degree programme but has been re-written so that no prior learning is required. Written specifically for those who need to understand the ecological management of game farms and game reserves.

This “feet-wet & hands-dirty” course has been developed to teach students the fundamentals of sustainable and responsible wildlife management as they actively partake in the daily running of a wilderness concession located in the world famous Greater Kruger Park!!!

Understanding the fundamental concepts and theories behind managing and looking after a conservation area; and being able to successfully apply these concepts in practice is paramount to the success of any game reserve - and that is exactly what this course is all about.

The GAME RANCH MANAGEMENT COURSE will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and insights into the responsible conservation management practices and send you on your way to a successful career in wildlife management.

Become part of Africa’s conservation services community, TODAY!!!

Student Registration:

COURSE TYPE: Full-time Training


STUDENT FEE: R 28 600:00

Course Credits:

This course is accredited by the Wildlife Campus and the  ISCI (International Students Conservation Initiative).

Course Modules:

Principles of Wildlife Management, Habitat Management, Game Management, Game Capture & Relocation, Wildlife Nutrition, Wildlife Diseases, Wildlife Parasites, Toxic Plants, Soil, Assessing Vegetation, Carrying Capacity &  Reserve Management.

WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT COURSE Learn the fundamental principles of responsible  wildlife and conservation management…?