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Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi



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The African bush has been a popular attraction for many people from across the world for many decades...and it is here in the African wilderness where people from all cultures, nationalities and races come together to share in our love and appreciation for wildlife…because in the bush friendships are made to last a lifetime!!!

Whether you want to kick-start a career in conservation; looking for a unique gap-year opportunity; or for just wanting to experience the African bush…

…the AFRICAN BUSH EXPERIENCE COURSE, DESERT DISCOVERY COURSE, BUSH CAREERS ORIENTATION COURSE and BUSH BREAKTHROUGH PROGRAM are just what you’re looking for to get in touch and connect with African wildlife!!!

Experience Courses “It is only when you drink the water and leave your footprints in the sand that you will know and understand what true Africa is about.” ABT Director - Johann Jurgens


Awaken your true potential and find your inner reason and purpose for being...

Bush Breakthrough  Course

Merge with the African bush for a experience of a lifetime...

African Wilderness Experience

Make informed career decisions based on experience, NOT FICTION!!!

Bush Careers  Orientation Course