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Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi



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AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING has a long history in quality Conservation Management education and is a firm favourite of students who study guiding, nature conservation and research.

The aim of the Conservation Faculty, in conjunction with the International Students Conservation Initiative (ISCI), is to be a leader in wildlife management education and technology.

We aim to be a significant player in the growth and development of the southern African game industry, providing and deploying skilled and knowledgeable support staff and personnel to the industry.

Conservation Courses “You cannot talk about conservation if you haven’t left your tracks in the bush  and your sweat in the African dust... ABT Director - Johann Jurgens


Make a personal contribution towards wildlife conservation...

Game Breeding &  Wildlife Rehabilitation

Learn the fundamental principles of wildlife and conservation management...

Wildlife Management Course

Join the front-lines of wilderness protection in Africa...

Anti-poaching  Course