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Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi



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Do you want to understand how and why animals behave the way they do, and how we test hypotheses about behaviour scientifically? This biology and life sciences course provides an introduction to the complexities of wild animal behaviour, and how it is studied.

Over six weeks, learners will explore the various behaviours animals adopt in order to meet the challenges of their daily lives. We begin with how animals learn and communicate with each other, then move on to discuss how they find food, avoid predators, choose their mates, and rear their offspring.

This course is aimed at anyone looking to broaden their understanding of animal behaviour beyond nature documentaries or a typical high school education. No previous knowledge is required, only curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject.

The ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR course is facilitated by experience subject specialist conducting daily drives, walks and other activities with participant to ensure maximum exposure and practical learning out in the bush...

ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR COURSE Get the answers to the questions  WHAT, WHY & HOW ...


Meals, accommodation, study material, course facilitation, daily lectures, game drives, walks and practical activities.

Course Modules:

Animal Traits, Distribution,  Ecology, Social organization, Activity, Postures & Locamotion, Finding Food, Predatory Behaviour, Social Behaviour, Reproduction, Parenting behaviour, And much more…

Student Registration:

COURSE TYPE: Short-course


STUDENT FEE: R 8 800:00